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From social media to Pay Per Click, our digital services will increase your bookings, season after season
Kenegie Manor

“Pitched booking totally focuses on the guest booking experience with a pure aim to drive and maximise occupancy. The support and advice during set up has been impeccable.”

Ed Newbold, Kenegie Manor Holiday Park

Experts in digital marketing for holiday parks

Shhh… Whisper it quietly… a great website on its own just isn’t enough.
If you want your holiday park or campsite to sit proudly at the top of internet search engines then you also need to think digital. You need a digital marketing strategy – and one that shouts from the rooftops.
It can cover a variety of different forms, from email marketing and social media to fresh SEO content and blogs. Put it all together and you have a complete package; one that covers all the bases.

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E-mail marketing solutions

It’s a simple concept, but one that's not always easy to execute well. Luckily, we’re rather good at it.
Email marketing is a brilliant way of promoting your brand and communicating directly with existing customers…as well as enticing new ones.
From news letters to special offers, effective email marketing can drive traffic to your website, boosting occupancy, increase bookings and even showcase your holiday home sales.
We can put together stunning e-shots which work seamlessly across all mail clients and devices, including smart phones and tablets.
From the initial set-up to launch, we take care of everything.

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Getting the right message out there

Successful marketing is all about focus. What do you want to achieve? What message do you want to get across to current and potential new customers?
You could go for the scattergun approach, with a splurge of different messages in the vain attempt to get your brand out there.
But a much better way is through a targeted promotional campaign - but how?
Worry not. We can help turn great ideas into reality, whether it be through e-mail shots, promotional material - either on-line or in print - and social media.

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Are you savy with social media?

Whether you're a dab hand on Facebook or not, we can help advise or manage your social media accounts to help you better engage with your audience

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Do you Tweet? No, I’m not speaking in canary…
Social media is a key aspect of digital marketing today, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. It gives your business another voice; a fresh way of getting your message across and communicating with people – some who may well be considering booking a holiday with you…
Our team can help you engage with your audience by putting social media at the heart of your digital marketing campaign.

Data analysis: measuring success

A successful marketing campaign without data analysis is like eating your favourite sandwich without the filling. It just doesn’t work.
For any campaign to be a success you must first build your audience. And the best way to do that is to ensure that valuable marketing data is captured at every opportunity, via website sign-ups, email forms or on-line bookings.
Successful campaigns can only be maximised with intelligent data analysis. Want to know important information on who is booking and when they are most likely to book? We can help you with that.
In fact, we’ve got many years’ experience, having analysed and created data segmentation for some of the UK’s leading holiday park operators.

E-mail marketing
E-mail marketing

We’re experts at delivering attractive e-mail marketing campaigns for holiday parks, caravan parks and campsites

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Social media
Social media

From Facebook to Twitter, we’ll help you get the most out of social media with campaigns targeted at your key customers

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Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click

We’ll take care of your Google AdWords campaign, from initial set-up through to data analysis and on-going management

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A helping hand: Pay Per Click

Seeing your website sitting proudly on the top of page 1 of search engine rankings is a nice feeling – but it requires much work over a long period of time.
But there is another way… Pay Per Click (PPC).
We can set up and manage your Pay Per Click campaigns on Google AdWords that will drive traffic and bookings to your website, having that instant impact.
We’ll monitor this paid-for campaign to make sure you’re getting the best possible return on investment.