Your 2021 marketing checklist

It’s the time that we have all been waiting for… Re-opening is just a few days away!

We are overjoyed to say that following the government’s roadmap announcement on February 22nd we have seen a huge boost in bookings for our clients, which has continued over the following weeks. With questions surrounding holidays abroad remaining unclear, staycations in the UK have soared, resulting in peak summer dates being booked up rapidly.

Over the last 12 months, the pandemic has greatly impacted the holiday sector, causing a shift in the digital landscape and how your customers interact with your business. Set yourself up for success in 2021 with an effective marketing strategy.

We’ve put together some tips and suggestions to aid you in adapting your marketing approach to continue attracting business and bounce back from what has been a very difficult 12 months.

Keep in touch with your customers 

Keep in touch with your customers 

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that clear communication and an honest connection with your customers is key. Your guests are looking for transparency and confidence from you. Investing in your marketing now will pay dividends in the future.

Take into account the following marketing considerations: 

Book with confidence

If you have a “Coronavirus Holiday Protection Guarantee” scheme in place (or something similar), now is a great time to push and reinforce your messaging. Instil confidence in your customers so they are reminded their booking is covered if their plans are interrupted by the pandemic. Make sure this is in a prominent place(s) on your website, booking and marketing channels. 

It also goes without saying that if you treat your customers fairly then they’re more likely to come back again and again (and tell their friends how great you are, too!).

Embrace social media

Throughout lockdown consumers have increasingly turned to social media as an outlet to escape the four walls of their home and to connect with others. Social media activity remains very high and is a great channel to have at your disposal when communicating with your audience. Remain visible and active by engaging with your online community. Encourage people to share their holiday snaps and stories at your business to instil confidence in potential new customers.

9 out of 10 people trust what a customer says about a business more than what the business says about itself!” 1

So, don’t forget to share those good reviews and recommendations!

Do you usually offer live entertainment? Whilst live (indoor) entertainment remains unavailable until at least May 17th, why not run a virtual event by going live on Facebook or Instagram, providing an opportunity for social interaction and maintain interest in the type of events you hold.

Email marketing

Email is a cost effective and quick way to maintain your brand’s presence and communicate with an already engaged audience. Sending regular emails to your customers helps to build a relationship so they get to know, build a rapport and trust you. Encourage people to join your mailing list through enticements of special offers or membership incentives so they can receive news about when they can book with you.  


Covid-19 has changed a number of consumer behaviours, perhaps forever. As people have been spending more time at home, there has been a significant increase in engagement for mail. Royal Mail conducted a market research study last year and found

“44% of people said they look forward to receiving mail during lockdown, with 2 in 5 also expressing that the period reaffirmed the importance of mail.” 2

We are confident in saying that physical mail continues to play a key role in your marketing mix so don’t rule it out!

You could send a letter/mailer/flyer to:

1. Promote key booking periods. It’s essential to keep promoting your business to not only keep loyal customers but also reach new ones.

2. Reinforce the ‘book with confidence’ messaging to eradicate any fears customers may have to provide an incentive to book with you.

3. Reward customer loyalty by offering a discount code to previous bookers as thanks for their business and to encourage them to book again.

eGift Vouchers

Have you thought about offering gift cards/vouchers? Not only are they great for the customer but you can utilise them to draw attention to specific accommodation types, activities, on-park facilities etc. Making great gifts for any occasion, recipients could put the value of it towards the cost of a holiday with you. And since the voucher has been purchased from your business, you know they have already benchmarked holidaying with you in the future. 
Review and evaluate your business

Review and evaluate your business

While it may seem like a good way of saving money after a difficult year, completely cutting out your marketing budgets is not the answer. 
You should be regularly reviewing what is going well and the areas that need some improvement.


Demand for holidays is high, making the Google results page an extremely competitive place. It is more important than ever to maintain your online presence to ensure that that your holiday park is visible at the research stage – PPC is a superb tool to help with this.
Using PPC we’re able to place your ads directly in front of those who are actively searching for their holiday. Whilst we understand that finances may need to be reassessed, when looking at PPC we can alter your budget, shifting spend and messaging when we need to, ensuring that your ads are promoting an up to date message. Pause your PPC marketing now and you may be left with dates to fill later in the year.

Review analytics

A lot has changed over the course of 2020 into 2021, including booking behaviour and target demographics. Perhaps you have even noticed a different type of guest choosing a holiday at your park. It is important to review who is visiting your website and how they are finding you. Using tools such as Google Analytics we are able to identify this and optimise your marketing strategy to reach your target audience.


While some may choose to pull back their marketing spend; SEO is a tool that shouldn’t be compromised. Optimising your website for Search Engines is a key tool to keep your website visible to those searching for the service you provide. From keyword research to improving your page loading speed, there are countless ways to improve your position on the results page!

Optimise your website

With plenty of questions surrounding holidays, facilities and re-opening dates it is crucial that your website content is up to date and engaging in order to draw visitors back time and time again. Creating quality content with users in mind can attract new audiences and return existing ones!

Pitched will continue to be open and ready for anyone who needs any guidance, even if it’s just to pick our brains; please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us today on 01726 418118 or drop us an email.  



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