Why mobile responsive websites are crucial

More than half of the searches conducted on Google globally were done using mobile devices, new figures have shown.

Data released by Google this month showed that ‘over 50 per cent’ of searches were done using smart phones or tablets, ahead of desktop computers.

The news should come as a stark warning to UK holiday parks and campsites of the need for a mobile responsive website. Last year a change in Google’s algorithm saw websites punished for not being mobile friendly, when searches were conducted on mobile devices. Many, whose sites were not mobile responsive, found that they slumped down Google’s rankings for important, competitive keywords.

To further underline the issue, Pitched reported earlier this year how more and more people were using their mobile phones and other devices to browse holidays and make bookings.

Now, with more people conducting searches on mobile devices the need for a holiday parks and campsites to have mobile responsive websites is ever more crucial.

Mobile friendly website design for holiday parksMobile devices ‘surging ahead’ of desktops

In their report this month US company Hitwise said: “In a short time, mobile devices have surged ahead of traditional computers in consumer demand and online traffic. More mobile devices are being shipped than desktops and laptops, and soon mobile will account for the majority of website visits overall. For many sites and industries, mobile has already crossed that threshold.

“Marketers who think there is still time to prepare before the mobile tipping point occurs should take note that mobile devices already account for a majority of online searches and the time for action is now.”

In America, Hitwise “examined hundreds of millions of online search queries” across PCs, smartphones and tablets between April 10 and May 7, 2016. The category with the highest percentage of mobile search volume was “Food & Beverage,” with 72 percent using a mobile device to search on Google. The category with the lowest volume was banking, with 39 percent (or 61 percent on the desktop).

Source: Hitwise

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