What’s new in the world of Instagram in 2021?

As one of the most influential social media platforms, Instagram is constantly evolving and adapting to new audiences, trends and competitors. Now more than ever it can be tricky to keep up to date with what’s new on Instagram with new features and updates being released almost every week! Not to worry, we have put together a helpful guide to some of the most innovative Instagram features of 2021 so far.

Instagram is

Instagram is "no longer a square photo sharing app”

With the likes of TikTok and YouTube storming the world of video, Instagram has recently announced new changes to combat the stiff competition. Instagram’s company head Adam Mosseri shared that research shows most Instagram users come to the app looking for entertainment. As a response, Instagram’s algorithm will lean towards the recommendation of video content, reels and IGTV to encourage higher levels of engagement.

Desktop publisher

Desktop publisher

Our prayers have been answered! Instagram has rolled out its own desktop publisher. The desktop post creator and publisher is complete with filters and editing options to jazz up your post from your desktop.

Eligible accounts can post using the ‘+’ icon that can now be found in the top right corner of the Instagram homepage. While Instagram is yet to release an official statement regarding this update, we are excited to learn more about the new tool!

Messenger API for Instagram

Messenger API for Instagram

Developers and businesses now have access to Facebook’s Messenger API for Instagram.
“90% of people of Instagram today follow at least one business account”. Engaging with brands via social platforms is becoming increasingly popular for both customers and businesses.

The API roll out will allow businesses with 1K – 100K followers to integrate messaging with applications and workflows, automate responses and manage customer communications at scale. Helping to turn quick questions into business wins.


Professional dashboard

Throughout 2020 Instagram launched a whole lot of new products to help creators and business achieve their goals like Badges, Instagram Shop, Checkout and more. With products and tools on the rise, Instagram have grouped these tools into one central hub – your Professional Dashboard.

What features can you find in your Professional Dashboard?

  • Overall account performance
  • Instagram Insights
  • Promotions
  • Instagram shopping
  • Saved replies

While a number of these resources are already available across Instagram, bringing them together in one place is sure to make life easier for business account owners wishing to gather more information and access the tools best suited to them.

No more likes?!

No more likes?!

Everyone on both Instagram and Facebook now has the option to hide public like counts, giving you control to decide what works for you. After several test periods, Instagram has found that while totally hiding like counts or all users was beneficial for some it was irritating to others, particularly those who wished to see what was popular or trending.

By giving users the option to choose to hide likes Instagram is providing users with new ways to take control of their experience.

Instagram story notifications

Instagram story notifications

Reposting a story that you have been tagged in is now even easier! User generated content is an excellent way to promote your business. Word of mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing, so it is hugely important to shout about good reviews and testimonials from your customers.

Instagram has just made this even easier. Through the incorporation of notifications, we no longer have to travel to our Instagram inbox to see stories we have been tagged in. Simply head to your notification centre and don’t forget to repost!

Inbox organisation

Inbox organisation

With a busy Instagram comes a busy inbox. If you have multiple messages coming in each day, is it not hard to quickly become overwhelmed and lose track of previous messages.

Instagram has recently divided the inbox into Primary, General and Request tabs. Primary is where messages from people you follow will fall. The rest will appear as requests that you can then move to either Primary or General. Offering a quick way to organise your inbox how you see fit.

Instagram has released a huge number of features throughout 2021 so far with plenty more still to come.


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