Email marketing: How it continues to adapt

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of communicating with your customers and delivering that all important message (which we hope turns into a transaction or goal completion).

But email marketing can very easily go wrong. How often have you looked in your inbox in despair at yet another email from THAT company or opened an email to find a car crash of text, images and buttons all over your screen? Yes, it does happen rather a lot.

Get it right, however, and use it as part of a cohesive marketing strategy, and it can yield great results for your holiday park.

But what do the experts think are likely to be the big changes in the way email marketing works and develops in 2017? Campaign Monitor, one of the most successful email design and send platforms around, asked some of their bright young things to voice their opinions and predictions for the future. And we thoughtful souls here at Pitched thought we’d share their pearls of wisdom with you…

Better analysis of data

This is the year, says Chad White, that marketers will focus on the “care and feeding” of their data-driven marketing. In plain English, this basically means that there will be more detailed analysis of the behaviour and action people take when they receive an email from a company; and this will then help formulate future campaigns.

Mobile payments will come to your inbox

Alex Williams predicts that mobile payments will continue to rise and they will soon be landing in your inbox. This could be a fingerptint-based integration that will allow 1-click confirmaqtion/payment from email, says Alex.

New devices will help formulate marketing strategies

Has anyone got a Google Home or Amazon Echo device? Andrea Wildt thinks these devices could well play a part in the sort of marketing material we send and receive in future. She says: “As more and more consumers welcome smart devices into their homes and lives, marketers are now privy to more and more consumer usage data like sites visited, apps downloaded, or games played. Behavioral data is uniquely valuable to marketers because it provides information above and beyond what static data can provide.”

Will a simple email address be enough?

Not according to Jordie Van Rijn. Email marketing used to be about the size of your send list but not any more. As we all know, it’s about quality over quantity and Jordie says that having a more complete profile of each person on your list is far more valuable than just a list of email addresses. He says: “The quality of an audience is defined for a large part by the completeness of the subscriber’s profile because there is where Purchase Intent and other valuable data to segment on is found.”

Read the full Campaign Monitor article here

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