How has Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Affected Email Marketing?

Rewind 6 months and marketers across the world were thrown into the darkness that is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. While we have learnt a lot about the update, there are still plenty of questions left unanswered. Campaign Monitor has released to us an insight into how the update has affected Email marketing worldwide.

With more inbox providers releasing their own privacy features, it seems as though we won’t be seeing the end of mail privacy changes any time soon. Hold onto your hats fellow Email marketers, the battle isn’t over yet!

What is Apple Mail Privacy Protection?

To recap, in September 2021 Apple released iOS 15 and Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). Effectively, disabling open tracking and obscuring subscriber’s IP address. This removed marketers’ ability to reliably track open rates and subscriber locations.

How many people have opted into MPP?

How many people have opted into MPP?

“It’s difficult to get a raw number, but we do know that over 75% of all Apple iPhone users are currently using iOS 15, and among them, about 97% have adopted MPP.
As you can imagine, that already makes up a large percentage of people. While we don’t know the exact number, SparkPost estimates that 40-50% of all email opens now come from MPP.”
- Campaign Monitor

How has MPP Affected open rates?

How has MPP Affected open rates?

“If nearly half of all email opens are coming from MPP, we can be sure that not all of those people are actually opening those emails. In our 2022 Email Marketing Benchmarks report, you can see that open rates have risen steadily since MPP’s release.”
- Campaign Monitor

How has Campaign Monitor responded to MPP?

  • Considering the update’s impact on open rates, click to open rates have now become far less reliable. Click rate is now a much more prominent performance indicator highlighted across the Campaign Monitor platform and in our reports to you!


  • Subscriber locations are no longer recorded if they are suspected to have been impacted by Apple MPP. This ensures that the location data that we can capture isn’t skewed.


  • Campaign Monitor’s client usage report has been adapted to show Apple Mail (Privacy Protected) users in a separate data pot. This allows us to see what portion of MPP recipients open your emails, and how this might be affecting your overall email statistics.


We won’t be seeing the end of privacy updates any time soon. With Gmail and DuckDuckGo releasing their own features, we can expect far more changes in the future. But not to worry, the Pitched team are on hand to keep you updated with on-going changes, ensuring your Email Marketing is tested and proven to work for you and your audience.

To read Campaign Monitor’s full report click here

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