#SocialSummer Facebook guide for holiday parks

Posted in topic on 7th August 2017

Episode 7: #SocialSummer Part 2 – Facebook guide for Holiday Parks

In this podcast we outline a Facebook guide for holiday parks. For most holiday parks and campsites Facebook will be your primary social media outlet. Facebook currently serves a prime demographic audience for the holiday park industry and this summer there is no better time to capatalise on it’s potential to boost next seasons bookings!

In this episode we offer a guide about everything that is FREE on Facebook including what you should post and how often you should post. Hear us discuss the many different ways you can create Facebook content using just your smartphone and the Facebook App. We will also discuss increasing Facebook post engagements, leaving comments and encouraging your guests to leave reviews about your holiday park.

This is a must listen for those looking for a one-stop guide to Facebook specifically for holiday parks and campsites – Enjoy!