#SocialSummer Facebook advertising for holiday parks

Posted in topic on 14th August 2017

Episode 8: #SocialSummer Part 3 – Facebook advertising for Holiday Parks

Listen to us discuss the options for paid Facebook advertising for holiday parks. Over recent months Facebook has made it harder for your organic Facebook posts to display in your guests timelines. With increased competition for engagement is now the time for your holiday park to start paid Facebook advertising?

On this episode we will outline what options are available through Facebook for you to increase your reach, get more likes and convert your Facebook posts to bookings! We’ll discuss boosted posts and when to pay to boost your posts, Facebook adverts including the all new Facebook canvas.

Find out about your options for targeting your Facebook adverts to the right audience and how you can track your Facebook campaigns to your website to work out how many people booked from your ads.

The final part of our #SocialSummer podcast series wraps up a great 3 part guide to social media for holiday parks so you can get out with your smartphone this summer and maximise your social presence in this, your busiest time of the year.