Why your holiday park’s website needs to be mobile friendly

Mobile devices are set to surpass desktop as the “global path to e-commerce”, finance experts have claimed.

The UK and Japan are leading the way, according to e-commerce site Internet Retailing and marketing technology company Criteo, which forecast predictions for mobile commerce across the globe.

They claim that transactions on mobile devices are now surpassing desktop purchases as retailers continue to offer and “evolve” their mobile shopping platforms.

This backs up research by Pitched into booking habits and data for UK holiday parks, which showed that the tipping point was fast approaching for mobile booking. Our data showed that 2017 could be year that more bookings for holiday parks and campsites could be done on mobile devices rather than desktop, which has historically been the device of choice to make that all-important holiday reservation.

It also underlines the importance of holiday parks having a mobile responsive website and a simple and easy-to-use booking system for customers.

“Mobile commerce has reached a turning point and is surpassing desktop purchasing as retailers continue to evolve their mobile shopping platforms,” said Elie Kanaan, from Criteo.

“Retailers need to create a truly seamless mobile and cross-device experience and be prepared to engage with users no matter where they are along the path to purchase. Brands that master the mobile trend will have a head start on competitors and the momentum to lead the pack through the shopping seasons ahead.”

According to the report, the number of shoppers going online – be that via desk top or mobile – to both browse and purchase products continues to grow with a higher rate of transactions captured on mobile devices than via traditional purchase paths, Internet Retailing said.

Japan and the UK have surpassed parity with desktop and now sell more on mobile devices. The biggest year-over-year increases in mobile’s share of retail transactions were seen in Brazil, Australia and France, they added.

Mobile website design for holiday parksPut mobile ‘first’

This increase in mobile bookings and browsing has led Pitched to adopt a mobile first approach, designing websites from a mobile device upwards, rather than desktop.

Starting with mobile, we create a smart and sleek design that’s quick to load and simple to navigate – and that looks just as impressive as it’s big brothers and sisters on tablet and desktop. After all, if more people browse and book their holidays on your site using a mobile then why doesn’t your site put mobile users first?

Does your holiday park need a website that’s mobile responsive? Let the experts here at Pitched create you a visually stunning website that looks great no matter what device your customers use. Speak to us today on 01726 418118 or drop us an e-mail enquiry now.

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