Why your holiday park must make the most of the Millennials market

I’ll start with an obvious question – do you know what a Millennial is? It sounds like some sort of creature from another world or a type of infectious disease…. But you’ll be pleased to know that it’s neither of these things.

A millennial is someone born between 1980 and 2000; they’re a tech-savvy generation with a real passion for travel. According to stats, a large number of millennials will take up to 5 holidays/breaks a year, making them the most-travelled demographic. That’s music to the ears of the average accommodation provider.

But, how does a holiday park or campsite entice these smartphone-wielding, adventure-seeking young things to stay at their sites? Well, here’s our mini guide to grabbing a slice of the market.

Raise your presence on social media

If you want to grab the attention of your average Millennial then the occasional post on your holiday park’s Facebook page won’t really cut it. Millennials are social creatures who regularly post and share their statuses and experiences. Do you Tweet or use Instagram or Google+? Perhaps now is the time to enhance your social media offering.

If you want your holiday park to be talked about (and shared, liked, loved and whatever else…) on social media why not offer something a little different from your competitors? Can you offer your guests a new experience? Stats show that this generation are often inspired by other peoples’ experiences and making your park stand out from the crowd means you stand a far better chance of being talked about on social media – and grabbing the attention of Millennials.

Tripadvisor social mediaReview sites

How does your park rank on sites like of TripAdvisor? Research shows that more and more people – especially Millennials – use these sites to research destinations and accommodation providers before making a booking. It goes without saying that a lousy presence on these sites won’t help your cause.

Engage and entice with an attractive website design

There are few things more discouraging for someone considering booking a holiday than stumbling across a website that looks amateur. Poor images, too much text and a layout that looks like it was designed on the same platform as Tetris is not ideal. Swap this for an image-led site that sells the destination (and not just your latest static caravan) and you’re more likely to pull on the emotions of the average user.

Keep your website clear and simple and reduce the amount of text. No one is going to read 1,000 words on what to do nearby…

Making sure your content is engaging is also key. Populate your site with interesting blogs and news updates and GET PEOPLE INVOLVED! Ask them to send in images and interact with you on social media! Publish holiday makers’ images on your site (and their comments!).

Offer activities on or off-site

Research suggests that Millennials quite enjoy travelling alone. But how best to take advantage of the solo tripper? By providing activities on your site – or by linking with partner agencies off-site – you’re more likely to get the solo travelling Millennial to book with you. After all, if they’re keen to learn surfing, and your site has links with a local surf school, you stand a far better chance of capturing that booking than a campsite or holiday park that doesn’t provide such a service.

Does your holiday park or campsite need a new website or are you struggling with content ideas or social media? Speak to us and let us help you with our range of digital services. Call us today on 01726 418118 or drop us an e-mail now.

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