The Pitched Podcast Episode 2: That all important call to action

Join Mike Jarvis and myself as we embark on a series of Podcasts where we discuss some tips, tricks and insights for the best in marketing for holiday parks and campsites. Throughout the Podcasts we will share some thoughts and options alongside industry news or topical debate.

Episode 2: That all important call to action!

Following on from Episode 1 where we analysed our key objectives when structuring your holiday park website Mike and Andrew discuss tips and tricks to make your Call to Action work harder!

In marketing terms the call to action is a visual or interactive prompt for the user to perform an action. Whether that be to book a holiday, contact your holiday sales team or subscribe to your newsletter lists. Listen to the team discuss tips to make your call to actions as effective as possible including some broad design guidelines, the challenge of placing call to actions on mobile websites and also selling urgency to help promote an interaction.

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