Amelie Trudgian: My Work Experience at Pitched

Year 10 student, Amelie Trudgian, spent the week at Pitched learning about design process and got stuck in creating some graphics for a variety of tasks.

She writes on her experience for us…

Day One

Day One

I learnt how to create shapes out of circles and stars. I also used the blob tool to create flowers.

exploration with typography

Day Two

Day Two

I was introduced to email marketing, and shown different campaigns and how Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp back office works. I created my own email newsletter on the latest film release of Black Widow.

Using Photoshop to extend an image background

I used Photoshop to expand this image of Black widow to fit the email campaign.


Email newsletter design

Day Three

Day Three

Using a grid structure, I used different shapes and fonts to create my posters. I used a colour palette of red to go with the theme of my posters: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'.

Social post for Facebook    Social post for Instagram square

Social post for LinkedIn/Facebook    Social post for Twitter

I learnt how create a social media post and to resize it for different social media platforms. I used my skills from day one to make a character in adobe illustrator.

Day Four and Five

Day Four and Five

These were my first few mock-ups for my logo. I wanted a more natural colour palette.

Amelie personal logo


Amelie personal logo gif      Amelie Final personal logo


logo on tote bag mock-up


logo on hoodie mock-up


I chose to do a logo for my favourite YouTuber aswell, WhiskeyChic.

Moon icon logo design for YouTuber WhiskeyChic


WhiskeyChic logo

logo on sock mock-up

Q: What has it been like to spend a week at Pitched?

I have really enjoyed being here, everyone is lovely and its a great atmosphere to be in.


Q: What is your top highlight of the week?

I really liked creating my own logo and adding my own personal style to it. I also enjoyed browsing Pinterest for inspiration.


Q: What has been the most important thing you’ve learned?

Learning about a working environment as-well as the basics of adobe illustrator.


Q: Has anything surprised you?

Yes, the amount of work that goes into making things like maps for holiday parks as well as the background designs you see on on websites.


Q: What next steps are you thinking about after school?

In the future I want to do an A-level in graphic design and hope to become a production designer when I’m older.


Q: Do you have any advice for students who are considering placements?

Go for what you are interested in so you can enjoy the experience more.

Pitched logo