6 Marketing Tips You Need To Know For 2023

Throughout 2022 we have seen political, economic and environmental turbulence, affecting our approach to marketing, strategy and communication.

Now that the busy summer season has come to an end, autumn makes for the perfect time to get your marketing strategy in order to get ahead of the competition before the early booking rush.

Join us to explore marketing opportunities for success to take with you into 2023.

An Agile Approach

An Agile Approach

Long term planning doesn’t (always) work. Okay, hear us out, we are not saying that you need to ditch your long term strategy and make every decision off the cuff. But as we have seen throughout the last 3 years, you will need to be open to change and act fast to stay ahead of the curve and on top of trends. It’s increasingly important that you act as one with your customers; discover what matters most to them at a given time and harness that knowledge to drive campaigns.

Change is constant, but with an agile approach, you won’t be left behind.

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

If you want your business to thrive, your customers will be at the heart of all you do. The ability to understand customer perceptions and anticipate customer needs is critical to see success.

What do your guests expect from a holiday at your park? Is there something you are missing that could enhance their experience? Are there snags in your website functionality or booking steps that seem to halt booking completion? A response to these issues with effective communication is what really build a strong customer relationship.


Each of your customers and potential customers are part of a tribe, with a shared passion and reason to invest their hard-earned money into your business. Understanding each tribe helps to accurately segment a group and maximise the influences to encourage booking. Now is the time to segment an audience beyond basic demographics by exploring what matters most to your tribes. Segmentation offers an opportunity to deliver highly targeted content that is relevant to your most profitable segments.

Emotional Attachment Drives Loyalty

Everyone has a story, and so does your business. Your brand has the power to inspire, build connections and make customers feel nostalgic – but only if you are able to build sustainable, genuine connections. Authentic content is a hugely impactful tool used to build an emotional attachment to your business. Be real with your audience in order to grow trust and strengthen relationships.

Authentic Content

Authentic Content

What’s even better than your authentic content? Authentic content from your guests! One of the biggest influences in marketing is user-generated content, recommendations and reviews from family and friends. By building genuine connections, your guests turn into advocates for your brand, and that’s when you know you’re onto a winner!

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Influencers can drive a huge amount of visibility to your holiday park, and it’s not just for the big companies! Micro-influencers are perfect for smaller businesses to expose your park to your target audience.

Think carefully about your business goals and who your target audience is. This will determine which influencer is best suited to promote your holiday park. It’s much more beneficial to work with a smaller, but strongly targeted audience than to throw your park in front of the largest audience out there.

It’s not all about generating more likes and comments. Though it can be tempting to focus on vanity metrics, it is important that you work out the real value of influencer marketing. Using UTM parameters you can track traffic and conversions that have been driven by influencer campaigns to reveal your return on investment.

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